Combining Financial Wizardry &

Business Development Expertise

with Superior Execution & Advice 

for Owner Managers.



For ten years, Rob Falkner & Kevin Maynard kept running into each other, working in the same owner-managed company space. Realizing how complementary their Financial (Rob) and Marketing (Kevin) expertise was, they began recommending each other. Finally in early 2015, they realized that it made sense to amalgamate their businesses into a comprehensive suite of out-sourced business expertise.

And so Smart Foundations was born....


Smart Foundations Financial

Move beyond bookkeeping. Learn how to use financials as a business tool. 
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Growth Path
Strategic Marketing

Establish and implement sustainable growth and profitability strategies. 
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Business Advisory Services

Add the expertise and experience you need to advance your business.
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Our Latest Projects

  • Waddingtons

    Transitioning a 150 year old auction  
    house to online art market. Learn More +

  • EfstonSolar

    Focusing a family business on exciting
    new opportunities. Learn More +

  • Econopac

    Evolving the sales team and services to
    stay competitive. Learn More +

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