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Your website quickly becomes your prime marketing & awareness tool. Strategic decisions start immediately with selecting a developer and platform. Growth Path will work with you to establish how you need your website to work, then structuring it to lead visitors to easy decisions.

  • Developer, Designer & Copywriter Management
  • Strategy & Structure
  • Usability and SEO 

Creating a great website is a rewarding challenge. Keeping it fresh with constantly changing content is a more arduous task. Static websites die quickly. If nothing changes, you get no repeat traffic, and search engines quickly begin to ignore you. There are two main ways to update the content on your site:

Page Content
Modify how you present your products and services, company philosophy and history, tutorials and leadership pro-­‐ files. But while some pages need this tweaking more frequently, you probably only want a major refresh annually.

Dynamic Content
Dynamic content is fabulous for SEO, but needs comprehensive updates.

We’ve designed a program of updates to static and dynamic content, aligned with regular refreshes to improve navigation and usability. And the metrics to ensure it’s all on track:

  • Editorial calendar, aligned with your business development initiatives
  • Monthly blogs
  • Monthly page content updates (e.g. new products, specials)
  • A combination of weekly news, social media, & event updates to maximize SEO
  • Quarterly metrics, analytics & fine-tuning
  • Annual refresh

Keep your website current - and working for you with measurable results.

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